Franchising is one of the fastest ways to grow your brand

Growing with a franchise system in every repeatable business model that has proven its success, completed its franchise set-up is both a low-cost and fast method.


Franchise recruitment requires a well-planned process management

Once your brand has been become franchiseable, a franchise recruitment roadmap is needed to match with the right franchise investors. This map should be prepared specifically for the brand, in in line with the goals that the brand wants to achieve.

How We Do?

Marketing Plan


Business Plan


Sustainable Franchise Growth

After the completion of the franchise set –up , we determine the franchise growth targets of the brand. After determining in which locations and with what type of franchise investor profile we will work, we reveal the marketing plan in this direction.

With our own special CRM program, we carry out a separate data management for each brand we work with, and we monitor the processes of each brand independently with its own prospects. We report the status of prospects to our brand managers on a monthly basis and develop strategies periodically.

We manage multi-faceted franchise marketing by working in coordination with the brand's independent service providers such as agency, digital marketing, PR company.

Franchise Services