Global Growth is directly proportional to Global Market Experience.

We are the Turkey representative of an international brand. Our company, which is experienced in many markets in the world, has significant experience in Master Franchise services.


How to Create International Growth Strategies?

Master Franchise is an agreement to use the concept, business model, knowledge and experience of a proven and successful brand for a certain region or country.

In Master Franchise agreements, Sub-Franchises can be granted within the framework of the agreement. The first and most important issue is the proposal of the Master Franchise model on the basis of Country or Region. Growth plan, procurement, operation process, logistics, training planning, audit structure should be professionally designed.


As The Franchise Company Turkey, we inform and guide our brands about the process in order to help our brands clarify their decisions. If there is a market that our brand would like to be in, we definitely do market analysis and competition analysis. These analyzes are divided into two as desk work or field work.

In the process of expanding abroad for the first time, we recommend to start from the most convenient market. After the market is clear, we determine the pricing policy by making financial analysis, competition analysis, market analysis. After the Market Analysis, we start the marketing activities in the regions we choose. We carry out marketing studies in order to create demand with our effective data management.

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