What stage of your goals are you at?

‘Spend 80% of your time focusing on the opportunities of tomorrow rather then the problems of yesterday.’ ~ Brian Tracy

The way to seize the rapidly developing opportunities of the rapidly changing world is to take extraordinary actions.


Let's review your methods, results and opportunities together.

We offer Franchise Check-Up service for companies that are already active in growing with a franchise, but have question marks about their current position and are wondering how they can go further.

We analyze your company's Franchise growth performance 360 degrees with our team, each of whom is an expert in their own field, and we provide you information about your progress potential in line with the current opportunities of the market that your brand operates.

Serving brands with a “third eye” approach, The Franchise Company has been accompanying the growth journey of many brands in Turkey for 7 years.

How we do?

Current situation analysis on the franchise axis


Growth Opportunities


Updated Franchise Growth Strategy

Franchise Check-Up service is a detailed review of the brands on the axis of advertising-marketing, finance, operations, HR, franchise sales, training, franchise documents, technology infrastructure and franchise agreements, in addition, informing of the brand about the market trends and opportunities.

After the Check-Up service, the findings are shared with the brand, and the recommended roadmap and growth strategy are determined for further steps.

Franchise Services