Being a franchise requires repeatability

Regardless of people, location, customer base, will you be able to deliver your current business to different customer groups at the same level of success with another human resource, in a different location?


Right analysis, right planning, right results

In order for your brand to switch to the franchise system, it is vital to have a tried, tested and successfully implemented business model, as well as to be managed with repeatable processes.

The most basic point of the franchise journey, which starts with a sustainable growth target, is to analyze your business model correctly and create a franchise planning that will produce healthy results for both the franchisee and the franchisor.

In The Franchise Company, the entire system is set up brand-specific.

How we do?







Sustainable Franchise Growth

With our financial and operational analysis studies, we determine the basic building blocks of your business model and develop the most suitable franchise modeling for you during the strategy process. Then, in order to implement the strategy, we make your franchise growth sustainable by putting the results in writing.

In this way, we protect your brand from possible financial and moral losses of a franchise process that is likely to start with trial and error. Thanks to the long-term projections we prepare for you and your franchise investors, Both business partners achieve their goals with an efficient business partnership in cooperation with the same goals.

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