Lady Estrella

"My products; my dreams and the things I feel."

Lady Estrella is the brand of Pınar Kerimoğlu, who started her designer career in 2018, is a famous business woman not only in Turkey but also in many parts of the world, especially in Kuwait, Dubai, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Egypt, Qatar and many more..with her motto of ‘my products; my dreams and the things I feel’.

Lady Estrella Franchise Opportunity

Sector Fashion
Area of Activity Design Boutique
Origin Country Türkiye
Date of Establishment 2018
Number of Branches 1
Franchise Fee Details will be discussed
Approximate Investment Cost Details will be discussed
Royalty / Marketing fee Details will be discussed
Approximate Return on Investment Details will be discussed

Lady Estrella

Lady Estrella in the Industry

Lady Estrella is the brand of Pınar Kerimoğlu, who started her designer career in 2018, is a famous business woman not only in Turkey but also in many parts of the world, especially in Kuwait, Dubai, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Egypt, Qatar and many more..with her motto of  ‘my products; my dreams and the things I feel’.
Pınar Kerimoğlu, the creator of the "Lady Estrella" brand, which has made a rapid entry into the fashion sector that she has dreamed of since her youth, has followed the path of international growth after she opened her store in Nişantaşı.
Pınar Kerimoğlu received the greatest appreciation among the 7 fashion designers who attended Antalya Fashion Week 2022, which was held for the 5th time last year. She received great applause by exhibiting her 19 models, which she designed and prepared for 2 months for her first fashion show and Fashion Week organization, on the podium with 19 models.
Lady Estrella brand, which participated in the 20th Dosso Dossi Fashion Show Antalya in December 2022, gained great acclaim and met with buyers from many parts of the world.

Who is Pınar Kerimoğlu?

She was born on March 28, 1984 in Istanbul. The designer, after the graduation from Geology Department of Kocaeli University, she did not continue with this profession, instead trained herself in fields such as aesthetics, make-up and design. Pınar Kerimoğlu worked in the media industry for a long time and opened the doors of her own store named Lady Estrella in 2018. She designs and sews the clothes she sells in her store. At the same time, with her great success, she dresses many celebrities.
Pınar Kerimoğlu, who managed to reach a wide audience in a short time under the brand name of Lady Estrella, was awarded the "Designer of the Year" award at the Golden Bosphorus Awards night.

The Founding Story of Lady Estrella

The story of Lady Estrella begins with Pınar Kerimoğlu, a mother of two, making drawings in a room of her own house during the remaining periods of her children. Later, she started to realize new product designs by putting her drawings into practice and embellishing with lace, sequins, pieces of fabric and accessories such as swarovski stones, feathers, fringe, buttons, and ribbons.
She decided to open a store as a result of her husband’s support for this project, which she loved and started as a hobby at first, and embarked on a fashion adventure with the store she opened in Nişantaşı. This is how Lady Estrella left the room and came to life in the store.
Pınar Kerimoğlu has established her own brand in a short time by blending her passion for design and her talent. Her designs, which she created with hesitation at first, have grown day by day and become a brand.
Reflecting her emotions on her designs, Kerimoğlu's success achieved in a short time has been noticed by her original designs, which are completely handcrafted, and she has collaborated with many famous people.
Pınar Kerimoğlu establishes a separate bond with each piece of her designs and present them to her audience.
Happy, sad, sleepy, angry; with these feelings, she emphasizes that the folds in her own line are softened or become definite. She designs timeless products and, adds a new one to its product range every day.
She states that she appeals to an audience of stylish, extraordinary, high-quality, bold, assertive, radiant and self-confident women in her designs.

What Franchise Journey Is Lady Estrella Planning?

Lady Estrella has completed detailed infrastructure works for about six months in line with Franchise demands from Turkey, Europe and the Middle East and has been prepared for the Franchise period. As of 2023, with win-win logic, and with a profitable business model, it accepts franchise inquiries through the official website.

Franchise will be given in the country within a certain regional planning. A Lady Estrella branch will be opened in the Target Province. Region information will be shared after filling out the application form. Master Franchise Model will be applied in abroad especially in the target countries of Middle East and Europe. Branches will be able to sell existing collection and tailor made designs, apart from the ready-made design product group. At the same time, in 2022, Pınar Kerimoğlu created the Me too Me brand by combining comfortable, daily clothes with stylish design. Tracksuits, trousers, jeans, shorts, sweatshirts, dresses, blouses for women who want to create their style in daily life constitute the product group of the Me too Me brand. Branches will also be able to offer Me too Me products to their customers.
Business experience of entrepreneurs is important. Sales-oriented, fashion-conscious, visionary and innovative people can become the franchise business partner of Lady Estrella by Pınar Kerimoğlu. Apart from the enthusiasm to do business, having sufficient capital is one of the prerequisites for the interview. Getting to know the entrepreneur and having conversations with each other is a must for brand franchise management… Our brand believes in energy harmony besides financial sufficiency with potential business partner.
We are a design brand, it is our biggest dream to walk for many years with our business partners who will reflect and shine our design spirit...

We are side by side on the Franchise Journey…

In this journey, we will convey all the details of our business, our knowledge and experience to you…
How do we do the business with our brand philosophy, how do we manage it?
We will tell you in our training program, we will support you …
How do we sell? What are our strengths? You need to know as much as we do. Because you are our business partner in that region in that Country…And we are now a Family…