"Otorapor is the inventor of ‘Premium Car Check-Up and Diagnostic Services’ in Turkey"

Since 2007, OTORAPOR is the first professional, impartial, independent and fully equipped auto appraisal agency of second-hand auto test check-up center in Turkey, which tests and inspects accidents / malfunctions of second hand vehicles with technical devices, equipment and robots and provides detailed auto inspection expertise report.

Otorapor Franchise Opportunity

Sector Automotive
Area of Activity Auto Expertise
Origin Country Turkey
Date of Establishment 2007
Number of Branches 285
Franchise Fee 25.000 USD
Approximate Investment Cost 30.000 USD
Royalty / Marketing fee %9
Approximate Return on Investment 12-18 Months


OTORAPOR, which started the Auto Expertise sector in 2006 as a first in the world and in Turkey, with its first branch opened in Istanbul in 2011, has become Turkey's largest expertise brand with more than 300 franchise branches, aims to grow in neighbouringcountries with the Franchise method. 

With its high success in franchising, OTORAPOR was selected as one of the top 10 franchise companies in Turkey by the Economist magazine in 2022.Also OTORAPOR is the brand with the highest customer satisfaction in the sector, by ensuring the same quality standards in its all branches thanks to its in-house software program. 

How Otorapor Works ?

Inspection in OTORAPOR has 2 stages, one is the control of experts and the other one is the testing with machineries.

Otorapor uses its own software program called ‘Mobile Master’. In all steps of the check up, experts record their findings on the program and print out the final report when all sections are completed on the software.
This software also saves all records of previous works from all branches (More than 2.500.000
reports so far) and with the artificial intelligence it manages the data and provides information about chronic malfunctions.

In the second stage, Vehicles are tested with fully equipped OTORAPOR professional test equipment (dynamometer, brake test, suspension test, digital headlamp test, battery test, front cavity test, tire depth meter, paint thickness meter, noise test, OBD diagnose fault finding) from top to bottom as 501 point expertise and a written report is presented to the customer.